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Your Business & Civil Litigation Attorney in Greensboro .

General litigation work in Greensboro

The Law Office of W. Randall Holcomb, PLLC is ready and able to handle you or your businesses’s general litigation needs, such as breach of contract claims, estate planning and probate matters, Corporate and Partnership disputes, Post-Judgment litigation and many other civil matters. We work hard for our clients, and we take pride in the fact that we are good communicators. When you need an attorney that will truly listen, give us a call. We know that every single client is unique, and we cater our services according to what you need. Please contact our office in Greensboro to make an appointment. Learn more about our services below.
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Commercial, state and general litigation

The Law Office of W. Randall Holcomb, PLLC is able to take on commercial, state, and general litigation cases of many different kinds. We have served clients in all of these areas throughout our time in business. Call now to talk to us about the details of your case.

Financial restructuring and debt collection defense and foreclosure defense

Whether you are an individual or a business that is feeling overwhelmed by debt, we can assist you. At times it may be unclear just what options are available, but we are here to walk you through and guide you toward your financial goals. At the Law Office of W. Randall Holcomb, PLLC, we are aware that every situation is unique, and we will work with you to find the best solutions for you. We also handle real estate matters including foreclosure defense Call us today.

Estate Planning, and Probate Administration

Looking to have a will drawn up, or want help managing your estate? We can draw up the necessary paperwork for you and provide you with information on both. Get things in order for your own peace of mind.. Please make an appointment to talk about your specific needs.

Your Small Business Attorney

Curious about the benefits incorporating may offer to your business? Looking for general advice and counsel navigating the burdensome regulations and laws facing small business owners? We are here to help. From drafting operating agreements, non-compete agreements, or other contracts to defending your company and it’s assets when disputes inevitably arise, be it with customers, landlords, partners or any other individual or entity your company may find itself in disagreement with, let the Law Office of W. Randall Holcomb, PLLC, serve as your local small business counsel. We firmly believe in preventative legal counsel and will strive to work with your business to ensure compliance with pertinent laws and the enforceability of your agreements.
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